Community Policing Model for Iraq

Community Policing training for displaced Iraqis and host community members, Basra, July 2016

The IOM Community Policing (CP) model for Iraq aims at bringing together community members and law enforcement officials to discuss security issues that most concern the communities.

This is part of the IOM Iraq integrated approach to community stabilization which entails a combination of bottom-up and top-down interventions; bottom-up, working with vulnerable communities, delivering a comprehensive stabilization package that addresses social services and basic infrastructure, security, social cohesion, and economic opportunities and top-down, working with government authorities at all levels and providing technical support to develop appropriate operational systems and mechanisms in order to respond to the acute security situation in Iraq.

The CP approach focuses on finding solutions that can contribute to preventing crimes, and refers cases to civil society networks or governmental bodies that specialize in particular areas of intervention such as education, healtha and labour among other areas. Should a crime take place, CP members can refer the case to the relevant law enforcement agency for intervention, thereby contributing to the stability of their own communities. Through this action by the Community Policing Forum, tensions within the community are defused.

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