Displaced Population in Iraq Surpasses Two Million

Iraq - IOM’s latest Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) in Iraq, to be released later today, reports that over two million people (a total of 2,004,066) have been internally displaced due to conflict in 2014.

Ninewa has been the governorate with the largest displacement figures, 943,962, and the greatest population loss: 82 per cent of the displaced fled the governorate due to violence over the course of the year.  Anbar governorate has suffered the second greatest displacement with 540,732 individuals, 67 per cent of whom are displaced within their own governorate.

The entire Kurdistan Region of Iraq (including the districts of Akre, Al Shikhan, in Ninewa governorate; and Kifri and Khanaqin, in Diyala governorate) hosts the majority of the displaced, 47 per cent of the total displaced populations, an estimated 946,266 individuals. 

The central region of Iraq hosts 45 per cent of the total displaced population (an estimated 904,170 individuals). The Southern region hosts approximately 8 per cent of the total (an estimated 153,630 individuals).

Since 1 September, nearly 220,000 people have been displaced due to clashes between Iraqi forces and armed groups in the center and central north governorates (mainly Ninewa, Kirkuk, Anbar, Diyala, and Salah al Din). This figure accounts for 11 per cent of the total displaced.

IOM Iraq Chief of Mission Thomas Lothar Weiss said, “IOM continues to work together with authorities in Iraq to maintain an accurate understanding of displacement figures and to implement our emergency response efforts. The massive humanitarian needs in Iraq require a coordinated response, and greater commitment from the international community, as the humanitarian needs are greater than our current funding level can provide.”

IOM Iraq is responding to the crisis through emergency relief services including non-food item (NFI) distribution, shelter provision, transportation, primary health care, psychosocial support, income generating projects, and information management through the DTM. 

Since mid-October IOM Iraq has distributed over 26,000 winterized family NFI kits across 14 governorates. Winterization items include thicker blankets, carpets, kerosene heaters, and plastic sheeting. This is in addition to the standard NFI kit items: mattresses, pillows, towels, kitchen sets, hygiene kits, kerosene stoves and plastic cabinets. Over 63,000 NFI kits have been distributed across the country since January in response to the current crisis.

Safaa, a father of four whose family was displaced in August from Qaraqoush in Ninewa Governorate to Erbil, and who received non-food items from IOM said: “I have been living in this unfinished building on the outskirts of Erbil with my wife and children for two months. The day that we fled, my neighbour called us at 11pm and within an hour, we were on the road. There was no time to collect our belongings, we left with only clothes. On our way out of the city we heard gunfire, rockets and bombs. We were lucky to escape with our lives. Now in Erbil my children have nothing to do and no place to play. We sit in this unfinished building without anything and wait. Winter is coming, and it will be hard. At least now, with help from IOM, we will be warmer with heaters and carpets.”

IOM’s Iraq DTM can be accessed on: http://iomiraq.net/dtm-page

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