Hawija and Shirqat Crisis Displacement Overview, 5 October 2017

On 21 September 2017, Iraqi forces resumed military operations against ISIL in Hawija district, Kirkuk governorate and launched a related offensive in Shirqat district, Salah al-Din.

A total of 33,060 IDPs displaced from Hawija and Shirqat after 21 September 2017. Of these, 15,282 are still displaced, and 17,778 have returned. Click here to download the file. 

The Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) Emergency Tracking has been monitoring displacement movements from Hawija district since earlier military operations intensified in August 2016 (and then stalled in October 2016). A total of 102,708 have displaced from Hawija since August 2016.

To closely track the latest wave of displacement from this crisis, DTM has set up a flow monitoring system at screening sites in addition to the usual Emergency Tracking, which records the IDP population at the location of displacement.

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