Hijra Amina Flash Report: Awareness Raising on Combating TiP in KRI

Following a successful week of awareness raising for officials from the Kurdistan Regional Government, HIJRA AMINA continued to promote combatting trafficking in persons (TiP) to local authorities and local and international NGOs at a two-day event in Erbil. Participants included the Erbil Refugee Committee, UNHCR and NGOs, which provide direct assistance to IDPs, refugees and other vulnerable groups. 

In gathering the 16 participants from 9 organisations, the session created a forum to explore how field operators can establish partnerships and develop synergies to combat this crime. Through active and fervent dialogue, members of the civil society were able to lay the foundation for a solid response and to bring meaningful support and protection to victims of trafficking (VoTs) in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.  

Participants gained a newfound knowledge in identification and protection of potential VoTs, and were eager to apply this to their daily work. HIJRA AMINA will continue to build bridges with NGOs working in the region and supporting vulnerable groups.  

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