Integrated Capacity Building Programme


Capacity building is a key aspect of the IOM Mission in Iraq, as it enhances the ability of an individual or organization to evaluate and address crucial questions related to policy choices and modes of implementation among development options. IOM Iraq’s ‘Integrated Capacity Building Program’ (ICBP) merges a variety of capacity building activities in the Mission, and coordinates directly with the Government of Iraq (GoI) in order to improve its self-sufficiency and strengthen its ability to assist migrants such as IDPs and returnees. This in turn is intended to build the government’s organizational foundations and ensure continuity of programs beyond the immediate presence of IOM. These activities include:


Border Management

As an integral aspect of the recovery process, IOM implements a number of interventions that strengthen the GoI’s capacities in managing its borders, both at the strategic theoretical and operational level. IOM Iraq has been implementing the Capacity Building in Migration Management Programme (CBMMP) since August 2004 and the Capacity Building in Integrated Border Management (CBIBM) since March 2007 for the Government of Iraq.


Labour Migration

Capacity building efforts for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA) and the development of foreign labour databases are critical to the management of humane migration in Iraq. Using MoLSA as a primary partner, IOM’s capacity building efforts in foreign migration aim to develop a sophisticated foreign labour database as well as to increase the ministry’s capacity to facilitate the humane recruitment of migrant workers. Through IOM Iraq’s ICBP, foreign labour migration should eventually become an integrated, multi-lateral process which benefits both sending countries and Iraq.


Counter Trafficking

According to the U.S. Department of State’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, Iraq is both a source and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to trafficking in persons, specifically forced labour and forced prostitution. Trafficking in persons remains a migration policy issue which the Integrated Capacity Building Programme will increasingly prioritize, as improved security situations lead to increased labour migration.


Ministry of Displacement and Migration

The MoDM Capacity Building programme started with assisting the Ministry with the development of its organizational organigramme, functional statements and job descriptions for every department established, in addition to developing its internal processes and operations. Complementing the establishment of the structural side of the Ministry, IOM’s MoDM Capacity Building Program has helped to strengthen the ministry’s day-to-day operations by delivering targeted training to all staff to improve their business skills, understanding of key functions within the ministry, and the ability to serve its population of concern.


Local Governance

IOM’s capacity building efforts also aims to strengthen committees' abilities to formulate and carry out assistance plans to their communities, in order to identify gaps in the protective capacities of governmental institutions and to create sustainable, cost-effective solutions for reintegration.


IOM Iraq Staff

In addition to capacity building in border management, capacity building incorporates related ministries on foreign labour migration and displacement, and local governance; the Integrated Capacity Building Programme designs, coordinates, and tracks staff capacity building within the mission, managing and developing in-house expertise related to a range of project objectives.