IOM Iraq makes headway in the Ministry of Migration and Displacement’s information management system

Following a first workshop held in August 2015, IOM Iraq’s EU-funded HIJRA AMINA Programme gathered a smaller group of the Ministry of Migration and Displacement’s (MoMD) IT specialists for a fourday technical consultation from 23 to 26 of November in Erbil to further discuss the development of the migration information management system. The consultation focused on software development, which aims to enhance the current data collection system of the MoMD in terms of accuracy and management of beneficiaries' data. The software will be installed as a pilot initiative in three locations –– Erbil, Baghdad and Basra –– with the main server hosted in the MoMD headquarters in Baghdad.

The consultation was practical and hands-on, relying on a live demonstration of the system developed by an IOM expert, thus enabling the MoMD IT specialists to provide feedback and also to take part in developing a tailored system that responds to the specific data requirements of the MoMD.

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