IOM Iraq Response to Mosul Crisis through the Government of Kuwait

Through the generous donation of the Government of Kuwait to assist the most vulnerable displaced Iraqis from Mosul, IOM has been able to provide:

-  18,000 mattresses and blankets distributed to more than 6,800 families

-  10,200 sets of winter and spring clothes distributed to both men and women

-  8,327 family fuel kits (40 L per family) 2,000 tents installed in Emergency Sites (1,140 in Qayara and 860 in Haj Ali)

- 500 Saj bread ovens with each oven shared among several families

-  Health support: medical centers, equipment, medications, an ambulance and support for field hospital in the most affected areas.

-  More than 42,000 medical consultations have been provided in Ninewa, Salah al-Din, Kerbala, Kirkuk and Sulaymaniyah.

-  The field hospital provided 75 surgeries and 2,000 outpatient consultations including minor surgeries, surgical and orthopedic consultations, and referrals.

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