IOM Iraq upholds inter-ministerial coordination within the Government of Iraq to combat Trafficking in Human Beings

The International Organization of Migration (IOM) in Iraq, through its European Union (EU)-funded HIJRA AMINA Programme, continues to pursue capacity building Initiatives to empower Government of Iraq (GoI) officials to combat Trafficking in Human Beings (THB). Towards this objective, a two-day Counter Trafficking in Persons Awareness Session was held in Baghdad on 16 and 17 June 2015.

During the two days, 27 operational officials discussed improved ways to prevent and fight THB. Emphasis was put on the need for enhanced inter-ministerial coordination. Participants benefited from the opportunity to initiate a collective dialogue on means of collaboration between their respective Ministries: the Ministry of Migration and Displacement, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Women Affairs.

Women were strongly represented at the training; more than half of the participants were female. 

After conducting awareness raising sessions in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in October and November 2014, IOM Iraq’s initiative to roll out these sessions to the Central Government was commended by all participants. A high level of interaction and deep interest in addressing THB was evident throughout the sessions.

The focus of the awareness session was to enable early detection of this crime as well as the provision of direct assistance to Victims of Trafficking (VoTs).  IOM Iraq and GoI officials shared on-the-job experiences and gained knowledge on means of identifying THB cases, best practices on screening new cases and interview techniques, and minimum standards for providing assistance to VoTs.

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