Iraq Crisis | Situation Report | 16 September to 15 October

While newly displaced persons experience difficulty in accessing safe areas because of ongoing conflict and restrictions on movement, IOM continues to deliver lifesaving aid across Iraq as access allows. Since January 2014, nearly 180,000 families have received non-food item kits from IOM, which include essential materials such as blankets, water, cool boxes and pillows. More than 15,000 families have received shelter support from IOM, including tents, caravans and sealing-off kits for unfinished buildings.

The IOM Livelihoods programme assists displaced persons and their host communities by improving infrastructure in areas affected by a high influx of displaced persons. This programme aims to contribute to stabilisation efforts in Iraq by improving economic and social conditions in communities that may be burdened because of conflict and displacement. Community Assistance Projects aim to improve public service infrastructure including schools and create livelihood options such as marketplaces. A recent Quick Impact Project improved the electricity supply in two health centres and one school in Erbil by installing a total of 2,160 solar panels that produce enough energy to provide the Iraqi national security grid with extra electricity.

The IOM Livelihoods programme also assists displaced persons by offering vocational training, job placement, small business start-ups and in-kind grants.

IOM staff spoke with Khadija, a 41-year-old mother of four, in Baghdad. “I was fortunate to receive the grocery store materials. I will use the supplies to start my business. It will be difficult at the beginning but I’m sure later on things will be much better for me and my children.

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