Iraq Crisis | Situation Report | 19 August to 5 September

As fighting continues across Iraq, internally displaced Iraqis face challenges in seeking access to safe areas. Displaced Iraqis wait at checkpoints for sponsors to ensure their passage into safer governorates. There are reports of forcible evictions as local institutions become increasingly strained in both capacity and financial ability to respond to the crisis.

The vast majority of the displaced plan to return to their homes after the fighting has ceased, but do not yet feel safe to do so. The shortage of humanitarian assistance, destruction of houses and lack of basic services also deter return. IOM is reaching IDPs across Iraq, and is committed to delivering life-saving humanitarian aid where access and security allow.

Over the period IOM distributed 2,815 NFI kits to newly displaced persons in Salah al Din, Kirkuk, Kerbala, Anbar, and Ninewa.

In joint effort with UNICEF, IOM delivered non-food item aid to 350 vulnerable, newly-displaced families in Kirkuk. These kits contained essential items to survive the hot weather, including light blankets, fans, mats, cool boxes and rechargable lights. Items in the hygiene kit included toothbrushes and soap, as those fleeing for their lives rarely have time to bring more than the clothes on their back and identity papers.

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