Iraq Crisis | Situation Report | 5 to 19 August

Ongoing fighting in central Iraq continues to see large- scale displacement with Anbar and Kirkuk as major regions of origin.

According to the IOM Iraq Displacement Tracking Matrix, from the onset of the crisis in January 2014 to 30 July 2015, a total of 3,171,606 individuals have been identified as displaced across Iraq.

Access to safety continues to be an issue for people fleeing violence, as regions tighten their borders with increasingly stringent entrance criteria.
As IOM addresses the growing needs of IDPs and refugees across Iraq, RART teams are piloting a gender analysis of NFIs to assess how effectively IOM kits are meeting the needs of girls, boys, women and men. During the reporting period, IOM distributed 1,200 NFI kits in hard-to-reach areas of Anbar governorate.

Part of IOM’s response continues to be ECHO-funded cash assistance to the displaced. Abdul Latif Mansour, recently displaced from Anbar, told IOM staff: “My biggest concern each month is how to pay the rent. This money will help me pay it for the next month. Once the rent is paid and we are safe from being in the street for a month everything else is considered easy.”

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