Providing Relief to Syrian Refugees in Iraq

While IOM has been working day and night over the past three weeks to support thousands of people displaced by the recent surge of violence in Iraq, the Mission has continuously provided relief items to thousands of Syrian refugees living in camps throughout the Kurdish region of Iraq.

In the most recent distribution on June 26th, Syrian refugees living in Qushtapa Camp gathered outside the camp distribution center, eagerly waiting to receive their Non-Food Item (NFI) hygiene kits funded by the government of Japan. Over the course of a week, IOM Iraq distributed over 1,100 hygiene kits to families living in Qushtapa camp, benefiting an estimated 5,500 individuals.

Due to Japan’s growing concern about the serious humanitarian situation facing Syrian refugees, the government of Japan provided IOM Iraq with 1.8 million USD in March 2014 to provide emergency assistance to Syrian refugees currently in Iraqi Kurdistan. Under this project line, IOM Iraq will continue to serve Syrian refugees through December 2014.

The NFI hygiene kits in this most recent contribution by the government of Japan contain essential domestic and hygiene items that will improve the difficult living conditions faced by refugee families living in the camps.

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