Relief Beyond Immediate Needs

On 2 July 2013, IOM and the U.S. State Department’s Bureau for Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) partnered to provide some relief to these families through distribution of 250 Non-Food Item (NFI) packages in Domiz Camp. This distribution is part of IOM’s NFI summerization project, which began in June 2013 under a 2 million dollar PRM fund. With this support, IOM is providing 4,000 families with NFI packages that address their basic needsand help alleviate the pressures of the summer.

Each package contains approximately 10 items, including a fan, cool box, food containers, cooking materials, and hygienic items. Domiz Camp is home to great need – need that grows every day as more refugees seek safety and assistance. As of the end of June, over 18,000 families have been registered within the camp.

Together IOM and PRM are alleviating a piece of this vast need. In these NFI distributions, IOM has targeted the most vulnerable of the vulnerable: newly arrived families, female-headed households, large families, and those who have not received an NFI before. IOM previously partnered with PRM to implement a NFI winterization response benefitting 3,000 families in Domiz Camp as well as 200 families in Al Qaim Camp and the larger Anbar governorate. In those distributions, families received kerosene heaters, rechargeable lights, mattresses, blankets, and food containers. This summerization distribution builds off the successful winterization projects, and will continue until the end of July.

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