Voices from Iraq

22 Aug, 2017

In the last four days, over 3,200 displaced Iraqis from Talafar, the last major ISIL stronghold in Iraq, arrived in IOM's emergency sites in Qayara and Haj Ali, 60 km south of Mosul. The displaced spoke of the many hardships they experienced. IOM spoke wih Abo Zaid. Below is his story:

“We fled on 14 August...

08 Oct, 2016

Continuing IOM’s 65-year global legacy, the Iraq Mission provides displaced Iraqis, returnees and host community members with a wide range of services, including humanitarian relief items, livelihoods Support, primary health care and psychosocial assistance.

Over the past eight years, through its primary...

24 Feb, 2016

The first in a queue of dozens of displaced people, Mohammed Sabbar leans forward on his two crutches as he looks at the assistance kits lined up on the concrete yard. Some IDPs there are from other parts of Kirkuk governorate; others, like Mohammed, have come from as far as Garma,...

15 Sep, 2016

Um Jassim*, a 50-year-old displaced woman, is from the city of Tikrit, in Salah al-Din governorate. Her husband passed away many years ago, leaving her to care for their three young sons. They lived in a mud house with modest means.

Many tragedies have affected the family through the years. One of Um Jassim’...

27 Jul, 2016

When ISIL invaded Falluja in 2004, Nareez Khalifa fled the city with his wife and son and arrived to Erbil without a job or salary. “My brother, who lives in Baghdad, used to send me money so I could pay for the house we rented, but I could not depend on him forever,” said Nareez.

Nareez had to earn a living...

24 Jan, 2016

The crises in Iraq and Syria have caused unprecedented displacement and human suffering. In Iraq alone, there are over 3 million displaced Iraqis and nearly 250,000 Syrian refugees. Efforts to provide for these populations stretches the resources of local authorities and host communities.

Displaced people...

15 Feb, 2013

Through IOM's Community Revitalization Program, Ala'a developed the skills she needed to become an archivist with the Ministery of Labor and Social Affairs in Anbar, helping her gain confidence and support her family.

01 Dec, 2013

On August 25, 2004, Rasool, a 32-year-old aspiring photographer was heading back to his photography shop when he was caught in the middle of an armed conflict. Just a few weeks before, Rasool and the love of his life, Arwa, had gotten married and his life was full of hopes and dreams. “Shrapnel hit both of my legs ...

23 Feb, 2014

Hiveen, forced to flee from her home in Syria to Domiz refugee camp in Iraq, developed her entrepernurial skills through IOM's joint livelihood project with UNHCR and opened a sewing business in the camp.