Anbar Governorate Profile - November 2014

In light of the deteriorating security situation in the governorate and continuous clashes between government forces and armed groups (AGs), large numbers of families have been displaced in Anbar throughout the past two months. Field reports indicate that as of the end of October, AG control large swathes of the governorate and battles are taking place in many locations, most recently in the city of Al-Furat and Heet City in Heet district. Daily battles and clashes, in addition to the airstrikes carried out by the International Coalition, render security very unpredictable and movement highly restricted.

The International Coalition led airstrikes began on August 7 and have continued to date. The months of September and October experienced renewed fighting between the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and armed groups on the ground. Due to the recent resurgence of violence in the governorate, the number of displaced families in Anbar now amounts to over 62,000.

Anbar hosted the largest population of IDPs until the AG offensive of Mosul and subsequent clashes throughout the summer. Anbar currently hosts the second largest IDP population after Dahuk, accounting for 19% of total 2014 displacement in Iraq. In 2014 alone, displacement in Iraq currently amounts to nearly 2 million individuals. 

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