Anbar Governorate Profile - September 2014

Anbar is a primarily Sunni governorate along the western Syrian border where the first clashes between government forces and armed groups occurred in the last days of 2013. These clashes have been ongoing throughout 2014, destroying much of Anbar’s infrastructure and causing large scale displacement. While most displacement within and to the governorate, 47,648 families, occurred in the first five months of 2014, as of September 1, a total of 57,214 IDP families have been identified in 303 locations in Anbar. Of these families, 54,947 had displaced internally within Anbar while small numbers came from Salah Al-Din, Baghdad, Ninewa, and other central governorates. Fallujah, Heet and Ramadi districts are the districts currently hosting the most 2014 IDPs. An additional 26,877 families have displaced from Anbar to other governorates, most commonly to Baghdad governorate, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), and Kirkuk. For most of 2014, Anbar was the governorate of origin for most 2014 displacements. However, since armed groups launched an offensive on Mosul in June, Ninewa governorate has overtaken Anbar as the number one area of origin for 2014 IDPs. 

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