Babylon governorate profile, June 2015

Bordering Baghdad, Babylon is situated in central Iraq. With a total population of 1,651,565, it is located where the ancient Babylonian civilization once existed. Over the past decade, Babylon saw multiple waves of displacement. The February 2006 bombing of the Al-Askari Shia mosque in Samarra city triggered a wave of sectarian conflict. In result, over 65,000 displaced individuals were displaced to Babylon. The vast majority of whom originate in neighbouring Baghdad. Since 2013, the governorate has been receiving a new influx of IDPs, driven here due to the latest conflict, totalling over 58,000 IDP individuals. Additionally, over 39.000 persons left the governorate after the northern parts of the governorate were attacked by armed groups (AGs), who seized control in Jurf Al-Sakhar and parts of Al-Musayab district. In May, military operations carried out by Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) to reclaim the territories under AG control were ongoing in Al-Askandriya district. IOM staff reported that decision of the local authorities made on the 6th of May denied new IDPs access to the governorate.

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