Baghdad Governorate Profile - April 2014

Baghdad, by far the most populous governorate in Iraq, is also home to both the country’s largest population of internally displaced people (IDPs) and its largest returnee population. In addition to the large influx of displaced people in the years since 2003, nearly a quarter of IDPs  displaced outside of Anbar since 2013 have relocated to Baghdad, placing even greater strain on the governorate’s public services, education, health care, and infrastructure. As of April 30, IOM had identified nearly 10,000 Anbar Crisis IDP families in the governorate in 176 different locations.  In late April, flooding in the Abu Ghraib district of Baghdad, which borders Anbar, caused a wave of displacement within the district. Over the last year, Baghdad has experienced deteriorating security, with frequent suicide attacks and car bombs detonating in various areas of the governorate.

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