Baghdad Governorate Profile - September 2014

Baghdad, the capital of Iraq and by far the most populous governorate, is home to a large number of internally displaced people (IDPs) and a significant returnee population. In addition to the large influx of displaced people in the years since 2003, a huge number of IDPs displaced outside of Anbar in 2014 have relocated to Baghdad; it has seen continuous displacement to and from the governorate in past months. Security in Baghdad has been unstable, with frequent suicide attacks and car bombs detonating in various areas of the governorate and within the city.

Baghdad has been an attractive area of displacement for IDPs throughout recent decades due to its proximity to conflict areas, the fact that the cost of living is cheaper than the KR, and because it has areas with both Sunni and Shia’ concentrations. Informal settlements and collectives that have sprung up in the past to accommodate IDP waves continue to grow and attract IDPs, as the cost of living there is cheap. There is constant displacement within and to the governorate, and it has been noted that IDPs tend to migrate toward areas that have received displaced populations in the past.

With the continuation of clashes between AGs and government forces in neighboring Anbar and new AG offensives in northern Ninewa, the number of IDPs has been steadily increasing since June. As of September 1, IOM had identified over 16,800 IDP families in 249 different locations in Baghdad. 

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