Basrah governorate profile, June 2015

Bordering Kuweit and Iran, Basrah is the most southern governorate of Iraq. With total population of 1,912,533 individuals, it remains a socio-economic hub of the country. Basrah contains a significant proportion of oil reserves and is a site of the Umm Qasr port, the country’s only shipping hub. As the only governorate in Iraq, it has access to the sea, therefore enjoys strategic position in the country economic development.

The outbreak of conflict in 2014 brought here almost 11,000 individuals who displaced mostly from Ninewa and Salah al-Din. The total IDP population in Basrah amounts to less than 1% of the total IDP population in Iraq. The majority of displaced populations reside in Basrah district - the governorate‘s capital and administrative centre, which continues to pull IDPs due to the access to basic services.
Security situation remains relatively stable. However, IOM staff reported conflicts, which originate from traditional, tribal make-up of the governorate population. Nevertheless, IDPs were not affected by the aforementioned issues. The turmoil prevailing in the rest of the country didn’t reach Basrah. Although, there were single incidents, such as the March arrest of alleged members of Armed Groups (AGs). Despite that, Basrah still enjoys stable security situation.

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