IOM Iraq paves the way towards improved human trafficking determination by engaging law enforcement officials

Through a training aimed at supporting law enforcement officials in combating the crime of Trafficking in Persons (TiP), IOM Iraq rallied a diverse group of law enforcement officials whose mandate is to counter TiP in Iraq. The training held in Erbil from 18 to 21 May focused on detection, interviewing and investigation techniques in cases of TiP, with a view of promoting protection and provision of assistance to victims of trafficking (VoTs), while at the same time, to ensure prosecution of traffickers.

During the four day training, organized by IOM Iraq’s EU funded HIJRA AMINA Programme, 39 officials both from Central Government of Iraq (GoI) and Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) exchanged knowledge and on-the-job experience with the objective of collectively enhancing their capacities to efficiently curb TiP in Iraq. The training was, a milestone in opening channels of communication between governmental agencies directly involved in combatting human trafficking –namely, Central Committee to Combat Human Trafficking, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of Transportation and the KRI security agency.

IOM Iraq, through HIJRA AMINA, created an interactive and participative forum that allowed law enforcement officials to build their capacities towards a victim centric approach when working with vulnerable individuals. To this aim, a number of practical sessions gave participants the chance to enact various scenarios such as a mock-up interview of a VoT referred to a police station; an exercise appreciated by all participants, which allowed them to demonstrate the importance of interviewing techniques discussed throughout the training and, more importantly, extract lessons learned on how to approach such a delicate situation.

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