Missan governorate profile, June 2015

Missan, bordering Basrah, is located in the upper-southeast region of Iraq. With total population of 824,147 individuals, it is one of the poorest governorate in the country.
In May, IOM staff reported that deteriorated economy was still impeding construction and investment projects in the governorate.

Missan wasn’t directly affected by the violence ongoing in Iraq over the past decade, however it hosted nearly 40,000 of the 2006 IDPs. Recently, the outbreak of conflict in 2014 brought here over 7,400 individuals who displaced mostly from Ninewa. The total IDP population in Missan amounts to less than 1% of the total IDP population in Iraq. The majority of displaced populations reside in Amara district - the governorate‘s capital and administrative centre, which continues to pull IDPs due to the access to basic services. Security situation remains relatively stable. However, IOM staff reported conflicts, which originate from traditional, tribal make-up of the governorate population. Despite that, Missan still enjoys stable security situation.

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