Najaf governorate profile, June 2015

Najaf, located in the southern region of Iraq is a desertous and sparsely populated governorate.
With a total population of 614,997 individuals, it is a site of one of the most important Shiaa shrines in the entire country. As a result, Najaf has well developed religious
infrastructure, including hussayniyat and mosques.Over the past decade, Najaf received over 60,000 IDPs in the aftermath of the 2006 Samarra bombing. The stable security situation and particular ethno-religious make-up of the governorate continue to pull new IDPs. In addition to blooming religious tourism, which boosts up the local economy. However, the expansion of the tourism and industry sectors is hindered by poor private sector investment and infrastructure and restrictive regulation on religious tourism. The recent crisis has already driven here over 84,200 persons, the majority of whom displaced from Ninewa and were reportedly Shiaa of Turkmen origin. Najaf hosts the largest share of IDPs who stay in religious buildings, totalling 42% of those who displaced within the country and reside in the aforementioned shelter type. 

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