Najaf Governorate Profile - September 2014

Najaf, located in the southern region of Iraq, is a desertous and sparsely populated governorate area that is predominantly Shia. The number of IDPs in Najaf has been steadily increasing in 2014, reaching a total of 11,154 families as the security situation deteriorated in other Iraqi governorates. Throughout June and July alone, at least 10,623 IDP families arrived to Najaf after violence broke out in the northeastern Ninewa governorate. The vast majority of IDPs are Turkmen Shia’ and are being accommodated in mosques and holy shrines. Overwhelmingly, movement has been toward the district of Najaf which currently hosts 10,522 IDP families, 10,398 of which have displaced since June. The district of Kufa received 798 families; 783 of them arrived since June and all originated in Ninewa. Al- Manaretha district received 221 families; all of them arrived since June. In light of the recent influx of IDPs, the governorate is currently seeking to establish camps to accommodate them in coordination with international organizations. 

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