Passport integrity is explored through IOM Iraq’s document examination training for the Ministry of Interior

Under the EU funded HIJRA AMINA programme, implemented by IOM Iraq, officials from the Ministry of Interior (MoI) spent three productive days inspecting genuine and falsified passports from around the world – focusing on the security features inherent in identity documents, detection of forgery, and traveler interview and assessment. 

The training’s 28 officials represented various directorates of the MoI; from the Minister’s Office to the Directorate of Residency Affairs, Border Guards Command and Border Points and the KRI security agency representing the major control points across the country, including four of Iraq’s major international airports – Baghdad, Basra, Erbil and Najaf. 

In conjunction with the IOM expert facilitator, Lieutenant Colonel Laith Hussian Modher and Captain Alan Nihad Fuad, from Iraq’s Baghdad and Sulaymaniyah Immigration Training Centres (ITCs), also generously contributed to enhancing the knowledge of their colleagues.  The training strongly emphasized the practical approach to document examination, which is the best way to build the required skills of border guards to efficiently control and facilitate travellers at the border.  Participants were able to get their hands on various false and forged documents recovered from Iraq border control points, including Iraqi passports, and also explore features of genuine passports. As document examination is a very palpable skill, the training provided a unique opportunity for the officials to maximize the use their senses – touch, smell, sight – to understand discreet differences between genuine and counterfeit documents.

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