Salah Al-Din Governorate Profile - September 2014

Salah al-Din is a primarily industrial governorate located in north central Iraq, 130 km from Baghdad and located along the main road to Mosul. It has seen ongoing instability since the beginning of 2014, especially in recent months. Displacement has been ongoing since the beginning of the year, with at least 600 families fleeing violence in Salah al-Din and settling largely in Erbil in the first five months. Then, a much more substantial wave of displacement began in June when its capital, Tikrit, was overtaken by armed groups (AGs). Salah al-Din has become the second most common governorate of origin for IDPs who displaced since June after Ninewa; as of September 1, more than 40,000 families had displaced from Salah al-Din, the vast majority of which had sought refuge in Kirkuk, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). Field reports indicate that large areas of the governorate are under the control of AGs and clashes between government forces and AGs are commonplace. 

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