Trafficking in Persons training for Human Rights Officials emphasizes a victim-led approach for Iraq

IOM Iraq joined together Human Rights officials from across Iraq in Erbil for a multi-dimensional training aimed at reinforcing capacities of human rights advocates in supporting vulnerable populations in Iraq.  The training from 4-7 May focused on Trafficking in Persons (TiP), community policing and psychosocial support  and aimed at providing the 32 officials in attendance with a comprehensive understanding of international best practices in TiP, and discussing the different ways in which participants representing a wide geographical coverage - including Baghdad, Najaf, Basra, Karbala, Al-Muthana, Diyala, Misan, Wasit, Thi-Qar Sulaymaniyah, Dohuk, and Erbil – are addressing the phenomenon, especially in the context of the current migration crisis. 

The training, organized within IOM Iraq’s EU funded HIJRA AMINA programme, was an exceptional opportunity for the relevant voices promoting and implementing human rights polices from central, southern and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to connect for four days to share their experiences and build knowledge in technical areas, thus empowering them to provide support to vulnerable populations, in particular internally displaced persons (IDPs) and potential victims of trafficking (VoTs). Contributing to the sessions were guest speakers First Lieutenant Falah Hasan Ali from the Ministry of Interior (MoI) Counter-Trafficking Department, Major Dara Farook Othman (MoI, Kurdistan Regional Government), and Margareta Krook, Senior Human Rights and Legal Aid Expert, who is actively engaged in capacitating law enforcement institutions, under another EU funded project in Iraq.  The speakers successfully built synergies between the need to uphold human rights and ensure adequate implementation of relevant legislations to protect vulnerable populations and contributed national and international perspectives to the dialogue.

Sessions on community policing and psychosocial support, facilitated by IOM Iraq experts in the field, accentuated the importance of a victim-led approach, wherein improvements to communities’ relationship with law enforcement and the treatment of potential victims respectively, can positively contribute to Iraq’s implementation of international conventions ratified by Iraq and the country’s 2012 Law No. 28 for Combatting  TiP.


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